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  • Kate 17:10 on 2017-10-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Vice looks at the Statistics Canada numbers showing that, overwhelmingly, Quebec’s immigrants who aren’t white choose Montreal. 83% of nonwhite newcomers stick to the big city.

    Be curious to know how this pans out with white immigrants. Surely they’re not picking Drummondville or Lachute in greater numbers?

  • Kate 11:47 on 2017-10-29 Permalink | Reply  

    René Bruemmer looks at Montreal’s commercial streets, some on the rise and some in decline, and reasons why this happens. This weekend’s Centre d’histoire piece looks back to a particular bit of Ontario Street East in the early part of the 20th century.

    • Anonymous 14:24 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      Very interesting and informative article by Bruemmer. I’m glad someone is raising the issue of taxes for small businesses. One of the pleasure of living in the centre city as opposed to the suburb is to have easy access to a lot of independant, small mom & pop businesses, therefor the city should do a lot more to make life easier for them and not the contrary.

    • PO 14:55 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      I don’t know anything about the subject, but I’d guess that the problem with making ‘life easier’ for the mom & pop shops is that they can’t tax them any differently than a corporate counterpart. Where an independent coffee shop might struggle with taxes, a Tim Horton’s is probably well-situated enough that they could take a loss on rent and taxes if it means they’re getting the brand recognition and a steady revenue. Tax relief only gives an even bigger upper-hand to the corporate outfit.

    • Kate 18:03 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      PO wrote: “they can’t tax them any differently than a corporate counterpart.”

      Not if those taxes continue to be assessed by square foot. But if they were assessed on some other basis, this might not continue to be true.

  • Kate 11:31 on 2017-10-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Advance polls are open Sunday from noon till 8 in the municipal election. CTV has brief but useful notes on how to vote. Sarah Leavitt’s explainer from last month about the electoral structure of the city is the best one I’ve seen.

    Notes on other island municipality elections: Westmount, Beaconsfield, Côte St-Luc on CTV and on CBC. Mayors in Kirkland, TMR and Hampstead were not challenged. (Most coverage of the western municipalities is in English.)

  • Kate 01:59 on 2017-10-29 Permalink | Reply  

    The firefighters’ union has announced their deployment of kits to revive pet animals caught in fires. They estimate 150,000 dogs and 270,000 cats live in Montreal residences.

  • Kate 23:10 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Hundreds of cyclists staged a die-in Saturday at Park and St-Viateur.

  • Kate 23:06 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    The poor showing by the Canadiens so far this season has been bad for various related businesses. I still see lots of folks getting off the metro at LuLa in Canadiens jerseys on game nights, though.

  • Kate 17:37 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Arts patron Phoebe Greenberg, who launched and continues to sustain the Phi Centre, has revealed she was scammed out of millions by a close friend she’d put in charge of the centre.

    • mare 04:55 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      Wow, you get paid $600,000 annually plus private school tuition for your kids and you STILL need more? $200,000 expenses account for clothes and beauty salons is $4000 per week. Mind: boggled.

    • Kate 11:33 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      Me too, mare. I can just barely picture being able to spend that kind of money on those things in London, New York or Tokyo. Not here.

      Besides, if you’re burning through $4000 per week for clothes and salons you’d be pretty much working full time shopping and getting treatments, not, you know, doing your job.

    • Tim 14:42 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      It wasn’t clear to me if this is a criminal or civil trial. The lady and her husband should go to jail for this fraud. I feel for their kids.

    • Ian 19:12 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      It’s a far too refined world for me to really comprehend but I do know from my time working in the garment biz that it’s totally possible to spend 4 grand in about 20 minutes without even trying. That’s maybe 7 Hermès scarves or one Prada handbag. A Chanel jacket will run you around $15k minimum. Even Chanel jeans are about 2k.

    • Kate 19:27 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      But every week, all year? Sheesh.

    • Ian 20:45 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      What, wear the same thing twice? Are we farmers? ;P

  • Kate 12:03 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was fatally stabbed in Hochelaga Friday night, 19th homicide of the year. Daniel Renaud says he was a drug dealer well known to police.

  • Kate 11:50 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Rolling Stone has a piece so brief about Montreal’s ambiance that I looked in vain for a “read more” button at its abrupt close.

    • LJ 13:38 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      The main thing is the 8 minute video that the text is just briefly introducing.

    • Kate 14:24 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      You miss things when you run an ad-blocker 🙂

    • Blork 02:47 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      Worth skipping the ad-blocker for. (If you’re using Chrome, you can probably just open in an Incognito window to see the vid. That’s what I did…)

    • Kate 11:28 on 2017-10-29 Permalink

      I adblock on the main browser I use for the blog (Safari) but keep several other browsers handy for alternate views.

  • Kate 11:47 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro summarizes week 5 of the election campaign and compares Coderre and Plante after asking some fairly trivial questions with picky answers.

    CBC turned to experts to examine the candidates’ word choices to get a reading on their ingrained attitudes, with the note that this was done during the English debate and that second languages are not the best basis for this kind of analysis.

    Coderre says he wants to see the Palais de congrès made bigger. I thought this was already happening, with the row of old commercial buildings on St-Antoine that used to house Steve’s Music already expropriated and facing demolition for the project.

    Plante is promising to bring local referendums back, but Radio-Canada is not sure the mayor has that power, since it was provincial Bill 122 that abolished them. The development of a site in the village may be the last local referendum Montreal sees.

    La Presse is supporting Denis Coderre’s re-election.

    • ant6n 20:08 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      What’s up with La Presse? They appear awfully chummy with Coderre.

      Whey are supposedly independent journalists openly supporting political candidates, anyway.

      An what’s with this logic: “(…) A-t-il (Coderre) offert aux électeurs une raison suffisamment grave pour qu’ils lui refusent un second mandat ? Non.”

      Incumbents shouldn’t get re-elected by default.

    • Anonymous 20:50 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      “(…) A-t-il (Coderre) offert aux électeurs une raison suffisamment grave pour qu’ils lui refusent un second mandat ? Non.”

      Some would genuinely disagree (half-baked pitbull ban, parc Jean-Drapeau, costs of 375th, etc., take your pick).
      Also, given that he kept the numbers from the Formula E under wrap with the intention of only revealing them after the election, how can we really say now that everything was fine on that front…

  • Kate 11:43 on 2017-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Ingrid Peritz talks to several niqab-wearing women in the West Island.

  • Kate 10:42 on 2017-10-27 Permalink | Reply  

    A big rainstorm is expected to hit us by Sunday.

    • Ian 22:55 on 2017-10-27 Permalink

      Wouldn’t be Hallowe’en without crappy weather! At least it’s not snowing this year…

  • Kate 10:35 on 2017-10-27 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse traces how Denis Coderre has enabled the reshaping of St Helen’s Island for the Evenko amphitheatre, pouring public money into this project for a private firm. Photos above were posted to Facebook by Normand Watier, but presumably with the intention that they should be circulated and seen.

    • Paul 12:47 on 2017-10-27 Permalink

      That is awful…does anyone know if these interventions can be modified should a different mayor be in-place?

    • DeWolf 03:39 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      Also, totally beside the point, but that’s a lot of green for late October.

    • Kate 11:41 on 2017-10-28 Permalink

      DeWolf, it’s been a mild autumn with atypical leaf changing patterns. On my street a few trees are nearly bare, but some are still 2/3 green. Changes in sunlight, not temperature, are supposed to trigger the seasonal change, but I’m beginning to think it’s a combination of both, and that a really warm autumn can confuse a tree.

  • Kate 10:22 on 2017-10-27 Permalink | Reply  

    The Sûreté du Québec raided the Montreal police headquarters Thursday night, along with station 38 in the Plateau and a few other locations.

    Update: Imad Sawaya, described as Philippe Pichet’s right hand man, has been suspended.

  • Kate 00:16 on 2017-10-27 Permalink | Reply  

    The CHUM has brought nuance to its burqa ban approach, saying the law will not stop them from aiding someone who arrives in emergency.

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