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  • Kate 21:25 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    Oddments from my trawls through the feeds: the Robb Report on places to eat in town; Alan Hustak seems to be writing a potted history of the city for the Suburban, because this piece is labelled Chapter 1; Radio-Canada looks back at Jean Drapeau’s crazy scheme to borrow the Eiffel Tower for Expo 67 – text and audio; Gabriel Deschambault has a nice piece on Pamplemousse about Luc Laporte, who gave us the interiors of Lux, Laloux and L’Express; St-Henri is getting a new bookstore, while the owner of Librairie de Verdun is planning to open a new branch in Lachine.

  • Kate 20:43 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    The Plante administration presented a $6.4-billion 3-year capital works program Wednesday, involving lots more work on roads and waterworks but, as CBC notes, no mention of the pink line.

    Improvement of snow removal is now a hot item, including the possible purchase of machines to break up the ice. Metro has a photo of part of such a machine.

    • david100 22:59 on 2018-01-31 Permalink

      This would have been in the works for many months, meaning that this plan is coming out of the bureaucracy or Coderre, rather than PM.

    • Bert 07:40 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      You say croque-glace, I say croque-béton, croque-vidanges, croque-bac-de-recyclage.

  • Kate 20:42 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    School bus drivers have reached an agreement in principle and will be back at work Thursday.

  • Kate 13:15 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    An older man said to be the father of singer Gregory Charles was badly injured by a snowplow Tuesday.

    Update: Lennox Charles has died.

  • Kate 13:09 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    City hospitals are coping with a bad flu season, although I doubt “unprecedented” is quite the word, given what happened a hundred years ago.

    • Kevin 23:19 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      Do you feel like you have been hit by a train? If yes, you have the flu. Stay home and treat the symptoms.
      If no, you have a cold. Stay home and treat the symptoms.

      We really need to teach people when to seek expert care and when they can handle it on their own.

    • dwgs 09:42 on 2018-02-02 Permalink

      We also need to teach people to stay home when they are sick. Not because they are weak and wussy but because when they come to work they infect many more people. My boss had the flu two weeks ago but insisted on soldiering on and coming to work each day. I insisted that he talk to me from a distance.

  • Kate 07:01 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    The Office de la protection du consommateur says it’s illegal for the STM to charge $6 for an empty Opus card.

  • Kate 06:53 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    Lise Bissonnette has quit as chair of the UQÀM board of directors. Her statement about her resignation speaks about her discouragement at the way the Quebec government favours the “old” universities over the public Université du Québec system: the creation of a downtown branch for the HEC in particular has been felt as an insult.

    • Jack 20:35 on 2018-01-31 Permalink

      She did fail to mention this….
      “L’aventure immobilière du Complexe des sciences et de l’îlot Voyageur laisse à l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) un endettement qui atteindra un demi-milliard de dollars en 2012. Mauvaise gestion, manque de transparence et irrespect des instances décisionnelles ont marqué ce dossier, a conclu cette semaine le vérificateur général du Québec. Le noeud du problème fut l’îlot Voyageur, dont le développement a été confié au promoteur immobilier, Busac, qui devait en retirer une rémunération totale de 90 millions.”

    • JaneyB 00:06 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      It is not a good thing for universities to have satellite campuses competing with each other. That’s public money given over to campus construction instead of creating faculty positions. Over half of courses at Cdn universities are taught by part-timers. Almost none of them were in 1990. Spare money should go toward fixing that. If HEC wants to offer a few courses downtown, I can’t see why HEC can’t rent rooms from the Molson School at Concordia. have heard they have trouble filling it with their own courses. Can one hand never talk to the other? After the unpunished Ilot Voyageur fiasco, UQAM must stay on a very short leash for a very long time. Money pleas from them are instantly enraging.

    • Ephraim 05:54 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      Well, UdeQ has a policy that also discriminates against anglophones, allophones and even foreign students from non-Francophone countries by requiring professors to mark errors in French rather than simply the content of coursework. There is a program that I want to take at UQAM but won’t because simple spelling errors would affect my marks, rather than my actual understanding of the material.

      But agree with Jack, they mishandled their money and want everyone else to pay for it.

    • Clément 06:15 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      AFAIK, Lise Bissonnette wasn’t the one in charge when the Ilot fiasco happened, I think it was Roch Denis. It doesn’t absolve UQAM, but Lise Bissonnette still has a point about funding.
      To JaneyB’s point, it makes no sense that universities prefer to spend money on brick and mortar instead of the pursuit of academic excellence.
      Also, renting rooms between universities is actually a common practice. For exemple, Laval University has a “satellite” campus in Montreal (really, just a floor in an office building). When the classrooms are empty, they are rented by McGill. On certain days, there are more McGill students than Laval in that campus.

  • Kate 06:25 on 2018-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is going to close two water treatment plants on the west end of the island, and connect Dorval and Lachine to more efficient plants at a cost of $235 million, but with an eye on eventual savings from the change.

    La Presse says the city is running out of cash to fix the water supply system and this is why the Plante administration had to hike the water tax.

    Metro has a complicated map of water main repairs by year and borough.

  • Kate 20:01 on 2018-01-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Justin Trudeau called members of La Meute “nonos” Monday in Quebec City at a memorial for the men slain in last year’s mosque massacre – Global translates it as “dum-dums” – and made members of the right-wing group angry. Sophie Durocher in the Journal springs to their defense.

    • Jack 20:39 on 2018-01-30 Permalink

      She got the sanction earlier in the day after this really off putting tweet by the next PQ leader, her boss.
      “Je me pose la question : Qui est le “nono” lorsque @JustinTrudeau dit qu’il ne veut pas augmenter le fardeau fiscal des citoyens de la classe moyenne en libérant le commerçant Netflix de son obligation de prélever la taxe de vente (TPS) ?” WTF???
      Well at least we know now the intellectual leaders of La Meute are now Sophie and her husband.

  • Kate 19:27 on 2018-01-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The STM is letting its own transit app lapse because Transit is doing such a stellar job by comparison. NB this link may play a noisy commercial – thanks, Gazette.

    Radio-Canada says there are more panhandlers and peddlers in the metro than ever, and that transit cops will be cracking down because both activities contravene the rules.

    • js 07:51 on 2018-01-31 Permalink

      I thought they replaced it already with the Chrono app. Transit rules though.

    • BRett 10:36 on 2018-01-31 Permalink

      I feel bad for the buskers at the metro because they are there legally in a designated spot and follow the rules regarding scheduling that were established long ago. The panhandlers are there all day and sometimes set up very close to where the musicians are playing, thus competing for spare change.

    • Kevin 10:25 on 2018-02-01 Permalink

      I’d be happy if they could stop people from smoking on metro platforms…

  • Kate 06:50 on 2018-01-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The new École Baril has opened in Hochelaga, but the contaminated soil from the excavations has taken a strange route via the Hells Angels.

  • Kate 06:46 on 2018-01-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The son of Denis Coderre perpetrated a $16,000 fraud, but the ex-mayor doesn’t want him to have a criminal record. Coderre describes himself here as “chômeur, pour l’instant.” La Presse says Coderre admitted his son was afraid of him.

    • Myles 12:57 on 2018-01-30 Permalink

      Most people who commit a crime have dreams for their futures that would be threatened by the legal consequences. But that’s only ever acknowledged as a reason not to punish people if they’re sufficiently privileged.

    • Kate 19:17 on 2018-01-30 Permalink

      One of the items says Coderre fils wants to be a sports journalist, and would need to be able to cross borders to do his job. If you have your eye on a job requiring international travel, don’t do crimes: it’s that simple.

  • Kate 06:43 on 2018-01-30 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC talks about additional pedestrian streets for this summer, but in fact it’s just a block or so of each street named. Gilford has been pedestrianized before between St-Denis and Rivard, near Laurier metro – it’s a natural, with its row of small businesses and cafés; the other two locations are not even going to be fully closed to cars.

    • Chris 08:54 on 2018-01-30 Permalink

      Boy, Projet sure are anti-car radicals!

  • Kate 20:26 on 2018-01-29 Permalink | Reply  

    School bus drivers are expected to strike Tuesday.

  • Kate 20:01 on 2018-01-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Performers talk about Divan Orange as the fabled venue stages a final series before closing.

    • Blork 12:30 on 2018-01-30 Permalink

      I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Divan Orange is still listed in my head as “that new music venue I should check out pretty soon.”

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