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  • Kate 20:45 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Trudeau Airport is to get a new terminal by 2030.

    • Faiz Imam 21:42 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      The included video is very slick, It shows a ton of massive changes, but a lot of it is vague and hard to be sure of. It would be nice to have something other than marketing renders to go off of.

      But looks like the entire facade will be shifted outwards a couple dozen meters, with the old(iconic?) 60’s windows being kept as an internal design element, and a new glass entrance where the road currently is.

      Which means the parking structure will be demolished and shifted back by the same amount. It’ll also lose all the parking on its roof, which will become a giant park/green roof.

      The stairs down to the new train station will be in this new lobby area, and that needs to be ready by early 2023-ish, so all the above is major work that’ll start ASAP.

      the 2030 date looks to be for a whole new terminal, transfer area for connection, normal airport stuff.

      Also, they note a “intermodal transport center” but don’t say what that means. Just going by the name, could be that the Dorval bus terminal shuts down and moves right into the airport. If they build in decent reserved bus lanes, that could be great for everyone. Just a guess tho.

      TBD I guess?

    • Chris 06:59 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      Why on earth would you want a park on an airport roof? Isn’t it deafening up there?

    • Tim 07:32 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      I have parked on the roof when I could not find any other spot in the garage. Not optimal, but better than nothing.

    • Faiz Imam 10:29 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      Man, studying the airport area in detail on Google maps, it’s mind boggling how much parking there is.

      Short term I get, but there are so many long term parking lots far away from the terminal that are totally packed!

      Is it really worth the cost and hassle? not to mention the risk of theft? Seems to me a taxi is more than worth the cost.

      Also, it makes me hope that the better transit access with a rail link has the potential to greatly reduce the need for parking in those lots, which could be used for more productive purposes.

    • Blork 10:48 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      I’ve used those long-term parking things a few times. It’s generally worth it for me if the trip is less than a week I think. A taxi for me would probably run about $160-$200 (both directions). Plus there are often discounts available on the parking. Also, there’s something to be said about NOT having to line up for an hour for a taxi when you arrive home tired and flustered, especially if your ride home isn’t even direct, such as if you need to stop somewhere to pick up your cat or whatever (which also adds to the taxi fare). Also: I don’t like taxis.

    • Brett 10:52 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      Take a limo. South shore from the airport is around 75-80$ one way. Also the prices are fixed so there’s no danger of increases owing to traffic, as Is the case with taxi fares.

    • Blork 11:25 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      That’s $160. If parking is less than $160 I’d rather take my own car.

    • Ian 14:53 on 2018-05-02 Permalink

      “If parking is trop cher take a limo” sounds remarkably like a “let them eat cake” frame of mind.

  • Kate 10:34 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Support groups for the homeless have split over priorities.

    • Raymond Lutz 20:15 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Pincez-moi, je rêve: “Concrètement, les donateurs privés demandent de plus en plus à voir les résultats de leur contribution (un retour sur investissement), ” !!!! WTF???

      Ailleurs dans le texte: « Il se développe une convergence entre la charité et les injonctions néolibérales actuelles qui sévissent dans le système ». En effet.

      J’entends déjà les alt-right-pragmatiques me répliquer que les solutions que j’aurais avancées sont utopiques. Alors je me ferme la gueule et je pointe: https://www.policyalternatives.ca/issues/housing-and-homelessness et extrait d’un article de l’IRIS, on note ceci: “il y a un lien direct entre les politiques de ‘rigueur’ budgétaire et l’augmentation de l’itinérance.”

  • Kate 09:46 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Transit fares will be going up on July 1, with monthly STM passes going from $83 to $85 and other passes also going up, but single tickets staying at $3.25.

  • Kate 06:14 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal reports on a bad weekend for train riders as REM construction begins to disrupt the schedule.

  • Kate 06:11 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Feminists are organizing to fight an anti-abortion group that gathers at clinics and tries to humiliate its clients with shouting and prayers. I used to work in a space on St-Joseph overlooking Lahaie Park where a group gathers banners, chanting and singing and carrying on, because the building next door has a clinic. Those feminists can’t work fast enough to move these obsessives along.

    • Faiz Imam 06:53 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Here’s a link to the group, in case anyone else is like me and is interested in pitching in to this effort: https://m.facebook.com/riposteauxantichoix/?locale2=fr_FR

    • Chris 07:57 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      So, religious nuts protesting abortion = bad. But religious nuts ‘celebrating’ forcing girls (and not boys) to wear ‘modest’ clothing = good?

      It’s interesting that some feminists are against the former, but seemingly fewer are against the latter. Additionally, the latter is a forced compulsion, while the former is merely an obnoxious attempt at persuasion. The former also targets adults, while the latter targets impressionable children.

      Would we celebrate or decry the CSDM rescinding a venue rental to Campagne Québec-Vie?

    • Kate 08:02 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Chris, the ceremony is a coming-of-age thing, and even the spokesperson says it doesn’t commit the girls to doing it forever. Persecuting women coming to an abortion clinic has nothing in common.

    • SteveQ 08:22 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      @Chris, The religious nuts protesting abortion are, unfortunately for them, not of the ”right” faith. If it was another religious group protesting, then the far left zealot feminists would shut up and look for other reasons to go after the former religious group.

      Because these feminists are not really feminists or for the rights of Women, they are more an organisation disguised as feminists and who exist mainly to go after a specific religious group and against the heritage and traditions of the white european majority in both Quebec, Canada and in North America.

    • dwgs 08:58 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Wow, I had to double check to make sure I was actually on the right site reading those comments. SteveQ I’m about as white as it gets, coming from one of the two predominant Euro cultures here and I gotta say your comment smells a whole lot like white power nonsense. SMDH

    • Uatu 09:46 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Imho the headscarf celebration sounds like the equivalent of a Catholic confirmation ceremony. Some thing your parents make u do, but has no real binding obligation….

    • Ali Bear 13:32 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      I thought $7-a-day daycare was supposed to make abortion obsolete.

    • Kate 13:35 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Ali Bear, that’s nonsense.

    • Bill Binns 16:20 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Ooooh, could we all have an argument about $7 daycare? Just for old-times sake? Those were the days…..

    • Chris 18:21 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Kate, I agree it’s a ‘coming-of-age thing’, but that’s not mutually exclusive to it being anti-feminist.

      SteveQ, charitably, that’s far fetched. I think it’s more plausible that most Western feminists are simply scared of being branded Islamophobes.

      Uatu, yes, I agree it’s analogous, with the important difference that confirmation is the same for boys and girls. No real binding obligation here in Canada, thankfully. But what about solidarity with our sisters in Iran and Saudi, ex:



    • Ephraim 19:53 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      First of all, it’s $8.05 a day daycare.

      Second of all, there are numerous reasons people to have an abortion and frankly all of them are NoOFB…. but let’s list a few to embarrass some people… Rape, Incest, and Abuse top the list, but there is also health. The number of abortions in Canada steadily decreases, because we are a civilized society and people can get not just birth control but also RU-486. But since we already know that an incredible number of people never actually go to the police/hospital after rape… and refuse to go.

      The people who stand at these clinics should frankly be ashamed of themselves. They lack basic human empathy. They think they have a right to tell people how to live their life and to live it to their moral code, but aren’t willing to pay for the upbringing of the child, never mind the psychological help they really need. But in many cases, they are telling people who are in the worst days of their lives what they should do.

      And finally… there are just two people (for the most part) who are involved in this decision (if that, though I guess there could be more if you are polyamourous). And no one else should have a say.

      I do wonder if they are shouting at the employees, though. Because the employees are likely covered by the harassment at word clause and could actually get automatic injunctions against these people by registering with the police and having CNESST get involved. As with all people, they have a right to feel secure in their workplace. Your right to protest doesn’t include raising your voice, blocking someone’s way or degradation of any sort. Religious freedom doesn’t include the right to shout it, just to say it.

    • Ephraim 19:59 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Even if you make abortion illegal, most people can manage it, except for the poorest and most vulnerable of our society. Frankly, you can get on an airplane and fly to most of Europe (with the exception of Ireland) and Mexico and get it done, if you have money. (The Irish still have to fly to London or have it done on a boat in International waters.) But it is the fact that the most vulnerable in society can’t get it or can’t afford it in the US that cause a direct correlation between the upbringing of unwanted children and criminality. And it makes sense… an unwanted child is unloved. Even a child given up for adoption is affected by that decision for the rest of their lives, wondering why they were given up.

    • Jack 06:43 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      @SteveQ “who exist mainly to go after a specific religious group and against the heritage and traditions of the white european majority in both Quebec, Canada and in North America.” …..are you serious?

  • Kate 06:07 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal is trying to make a scandal out of how the city is removing and selling old furniture from the Édifice Lucien-Saulnier – the old courthouse – before refitting it to serve as a temporary city hall, before the real work starts on renovating city hall itself.

  • Kate 06:01 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    We expect a warmish but wet week, with risk of flooding in low-lying areas.

  • Kate 06:00 on 2018-04-30 Permalink | Reply  

    Recently Metro had a piece on car theft around the airport which was taken down, but a similar report has been posted Monday. So, cars get stolen around the airport.

  • Kate 18:59 on 2018-04-29 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal’s Lise Ravary wrote a piece Thursday under the scare headline Abus de fillettes à la CSDM. The school commission had rented some space to a Muslim group for a ceremony for girls in which they celebrate beginning to wear the hijab – a classic coming-of-age type thing.

    But Ravary’s ploy paid off, and the CSDM cancelled the rental. At the same time, a similar ceremony in Laval was cancelled after knowledge of it was circulated on far-right Facebook groups and the venue shut it down.

    Interestingly, if you look up Lise Ravary, you find out she was born in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and educated by the nuns – religious women in headscarves – and I bet she wore a veil herself for first communion and other rituals – but she seems to think she turned out OK. As a spokeswoman for the Muslim group is quoted by CBC: “It’s like when you baptize a child. It’s a beautiful ceremony, but you don’t say the child will be forced to do something for the rest of their life.”

    • Raymond Lutz 05:37 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      shit… Quel titre manipulateur! Pourquoi pas insérer une image de pedobear, tant qu’à y être? Et la circoncision (juive)? Ce n’est pas de l’abus de garçonnet, évidement…

    • Jack 09:11 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Quebecor race baits for $ simple as that.

    • Bill Binns 10:30 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      To be fair, being educated by nuns does not guarantee that a person is in favor of anything. Unfortunately, kids don’t get to decide what school they go to. They are forced. This woman may very well be against all religious education for all we know.

      While I’m not exactly enthusiastic about a celebration of girls “decision” to wear a headscarf occurring on public property, signing a contract and then pulling out on very short notice because of supposed “security concerns” is cowardly and wrong.

      Let’s make sure we give credit for inventing this method to the leftist university students who have used it to great effect to shutdown events on university campuses for years. Lindsay Shephard had to cancel an event at the University of Waterloo over the weekend after “threats to protest” caused the university to increase the security fee for the event from $1600 to $28,500.

    • Raymond Lutz 11:03 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Ya, Bill… let’s make sure to retroactively blame lefty students for that one too: “Return of Kings [Montreal] rallies cancelled over safety concerns“. Darn lefty SJW! That’s why we can’t have nice things anymore (like getting laid without continuously asking for consent) Incels of the world, unite! I know, slightly off topic… but I had to vent… J’ai encore l’annulation de cette conférence sur le coeur…

    • Bill Binns 12:43 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      @Raymond Lutz – A 2 year old story about someone cancelling their own events because the people who were attending the event didn’t want to be outed as douchebags? What does that have to do with anything?

      The guy holding the events could have chosen to hold them and told the various mayors that had something to say about it to go suck an egg. There is a difference between saying a movie sucks and calling the theater to announce you will be showing up the next day with a bunch of violent protesters unless a particular movie is not shown.

    • Kate 13:10 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Bill Binns, odds are that Lise Ravary no longer practises the Catholic religion, but she hasn’t yet got far enough away from it to be tolerant of religion in general, in its unifying and social role. But she was educated by nuns, doesn’t mind the world knowing this, and clearly as a successful editorialist she has done OK for herself, i.e. her religious background has not ruined her. So, what point is she making?

    • Bill Binns 14:17 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      @Kate – Yeah, probably. This is Quebec after all. I just don’t see that attendance at a Catholic school when one is a child equates to “Aha! How can you be against headscarves when you were part of this other thing sort of involving headscarves when you were a child?”.

      Some of the most virulent anti-theists I have ever met, got that way in Catholic school. Once you decide one religion is a bunch of nonsense, it’s a pretty small jump to see that the rest of them are pretty much the same.

    • Chris 18:31 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Jack, I’ll grant they are unashamedly “baiting for $”, but it’s not _race_ baiting. A religion is not a race, it’s a belief system that one is free to start or stop believing in. Race is not choosable, and not changeable.

    • Kate 08:29 on 2018-05-01 Permalink

      Chris. when we’re talking mostly about brown people I think race baiting is part of it. Xenophobia is at the back of both. And people, whatever you maintain, rarely drop their religion carelessly, and there are always consequences when they do, sometimes heavy ones.

  • Kate 14:27 on 2018-04-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Saw a link on Facebook to this biography of Joe Beef on the Canadian Atheist website.

  • Kate 09:31 on 2018-04-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Projet Montréal is holding its first party convention this weekend since winning, and Valérie Plante is talking about repositioning the party and thinking ahead to the 2021 election.

    Update: Good account on Metro about Plante’s priorities in terms of the upcoming Quebec election this fall: develop the east end of the island, offer better access to the shoreline, have more schools and better integration of new arrivals. Monday morning, La Presse also covers this angle.

  • Kate 09:20 on 2018-04-29 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire piece this weekend looks at the grand reopening of Warshaw’s in 1964 after the construction of a new building in the space where the store had operated since 1935. Warshaw’s closed in 2002 and there’s been a Pharmaprix there ever since.

    • Ali Bear 10:32 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      “Shopping history”

    • Kate 18:10 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      And – ?

    • Frankie 19:03 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      Shops like this became part of the social fabric of a neighbourhood that went beyond convenience of location or budget. In immigrant neighbourhoods, the shops were part of the way an ethnic group became integrated into the larger community. Still are, as are restaurants.

  • Kate 10:23 on 2018-04-28 Permalink | Reply  

    A reader once asked me to make note of items on ice cream places, and although it’s a bit early in the season I see the Journal already has an “ultimate bucket list” of a dozen crèmeries. (Alert to OLF: shouldn’t that be “liste de seau”?)

    • Ephraim 12:06 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

      No mention of Cremarie Meu Meu. But everyone should go to La Diperie (full disclosure, it is owned by MTY now and I’m a shareholder.) Also, be careful with Blueboy… they don’t seem to understand TARE and have weighed multiple cups at the same time, in violation of Canadian law.

    • Blork 12:20 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

      What is “TARE?”

    • Kate 13:10 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

    • Blork 18:01 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

      Ahhh, right. As it happens, I went to La Diperie on Mont-Royal today. Yum!

    • Ephraim 20:00 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

      @Blork – It is illegal in Canada to charge you by the weight for the packaging. The scales should subtract it. But if you put 2 bowls at the same time, you have to have a setting for it. If you don’t, you violate the law.

      Provigo has the olives by weight with 3 different container sizes. The scale always deducts the weight of the largest container, so if you take the smallest container, you actually get a little “free”. 🙂

    • Blork 20:13 on 2018-04-28 Permalink

      Useful info! Although I suspect this rule is widely flouted.

    • Ephraim 10:59 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      @Blork – No, that’s part of the inspection stickers that you see on anything with weight and measures. Like on gasoline, where the litre is normalized to the temperature of 15c, so the consumer isn’t cheated., see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_litre_per_minute

    • Blork 20:35 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      That does sound like a useful system, although it presents challenges to people who want to re-use their own containers. Or not, if such re-usable containers were standardized…

    • Blork 20:35 on 2018-04-29 Permalink


    • Ephraim 21:11 on 2018-04-29 Permalink

      @Blork – In fact, I saw an article about people bringing their own reusable vegetable bags in for the supermarket. Either they are paying for it repeatedly (because in this case, the lack of tare is on them, not the merchant) and it’s their fault or they use them after weighing the vegetables. I just hope they clean them often, because, well…. so much rubs off the fruit/vegetables.

    • CE 07:50 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Any time I get laundry detergent in bulk, I always get them to weigh the empty container first and then subtract it from the final weight. I always have to ask so I’m not sure if they do it for people who don’t think to do it.

    • Ephraim 12:29 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      CE – If they don’t, those people can call Industry Canada to complain and an inspector will be sent.

  • Kate 09:48 on 2018-04-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Transcontinental has sold 30 publications including the free paper Metro to businessman Michael Raffoul. Twenty-one of these are local weeklies from the Montreal area – in some cases titles that have been in existence for years, like Corriere Italiano. No layoffs or shutdowns, for the moment.

  • Kate 09:43 on 2018-04-28 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is cleaning up the inevitable post-winter mess and there are cleanup corvées around town this weekend and next. Brief report from CTV and in the Journal.

    Metro talked to Corey Fleischer, whose crusade is to obliterate hate graffiti in and around town.

    For my part, last week I went out in the alley and swept up a winter’s worth of semi fermented botanical scrap from the vines that have grown out over the overhanging cables since a neighbour planted some kind of creeper a few years ago that produces small blue berries inedible by people. Birds like them, though: I’ve seen a pair of cardinals having a nosh up there from time to time. It didn’t take long and now my segment of the alley is clean and dry – kids play out there, neighbours meet to walk their dogs, chat over the back fence. It’s a nice little corner of town.

    • dwgs 09:12 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Hey Kate, that sounds like Virginia Creeper, great for greenery and coverage but it’s aggressive as hell. Don’t be shy about cutting it back and pulling up any shoots it sends out if it gets close to your place.

    • Kate 09:28 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      dwgs, good advice. My own tiny yard is not invaded – the main thing I have to deal with is morning glory vines later in the summer.

    • Kevin 10:07 on 2018-04-30 Permalink

      Virginia creeper can also induce rashes and blisters that resemble exposure to poison ivy.

      I now wear gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants when weeding, all of which goes straight into the washing machine, so I don’t add to my collection of scars.

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