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  • Kate 20:00 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    Canada is mulling over giving us a new statutory holiday for the remembrance of the residential school system and the damage it did to indigenous people.

    One date being considered is June 21.

    We have no stat holiday between New Year’s and Easter, a long stretch of time especially when Easter comes late (April 21 next year). We have no stat holiday in November – between Thanksgiving and Christmas – so there’s no break as the year gets darker and colder, and no break through the grim stretch of January to March.

    In Quebec, we already have June 24 off, followed in short order by July 1. So if this plan goes through, we’d have a two-week block with three stat holidays.

    The other date being mentioned is September 30, which would insert an additional long weekend between Labour Day and Thanksgiving. I’d vote for this one over June 21, but even more, I’d vote for a long weekend on the second or third weekend of February, when we’re all crazed with cabin fever and wondering if it will ever end.

  • Kate 18:44 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    A group of women plan to carry out a class action suit again Gilbert Rozon and now Rozon has permission to appeal the suit.

  • Kate 18:38 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    As a bad Anglo I confess I never encountered the work of actor Albert Millaire, but I see in our media that he was one of the grand old men of Montreal theatre. He’s dead at 83.

  • Kate 18:34 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    Following Toronto’s lead, Montreal will be asking the federal government to ban private ownership of assault rifles and handguns.

  • Kate 07:04 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s not a terrible idea to have a piece on Montreal-specific Facebook groups but what’s with the condescending nanny-ish adumbrations “Remember: assume the best in people and be kind to the admins” and “play along for now, please”?

    • jeather 08:20 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Oh, Kate. Have you been a member of a neighbourhood group? Mine has had a zillion huge fights, a few breakaway sects . . . it’s insanity.

    • Kate 09:27 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      The only microlocal group I’m on is specific to my block and back alley, and I’ve never seen a fight. It’s all neighbourly stuff – people planning alley parties, offering furniture for free, things like that.

    • jeather 11:40 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Ah, mine is much bigger, and it’s MOSTLY that and then occasionally huge fights about gentrification or racism or whatever.

    • PO 12:41 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Considering the Gazette readership’s typical age range, it’s probably a good thing to add that little bit of wisdom. In a lot of community pages, anything remotely political can get downright nasty. I’ve noticed it’s the 40+ age group that tends not to understand internet decorum the way younger folks do. The same group that warned their kids about the risks of putting up too much information on the internet tends to not understand that nothing on the internet can ever be deleted.

      I’ve seen mayors, councilors and residents say pretty rough or accusatory stuff, and there’s an interesting lack of awareness for how communication on social media is not conveyed the same way as if it was said in person.

      It’s hilarious sometimes.

    • Mark Côté 13:27 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      We have to have such warnings at my work. Not assuming positive intent is extremely easy on the Internet, or really any text-based medium. I think we could all use these reminders regularly.

  • Kate 07:01 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    Summer is, as usual, a bit slow on the news front, so forgive me if I link more Condé Nast pieces enumerating Montreal features with ten poutine places and ten top museums.

    • Zeke 08:13 on 2018-08-15 Permalink


      In the poutine piece there are facts that are wrong. And five restaurants do not belong on that list.

      For the museums, calling “The Space for Life” one museum is disingenuous. And while I think there are only two that don’t belong on the list, the idea that there are museums that are not “the best” is a very bad way of thinking.

      For the record The Montréal Museums Society says that there are 50 museums in town.

    • Mr. Chinaski 09:31 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      This is probably a paid advertisement by those restaurants/bars/etc… for Conde Nast (ex: Like those airplanes magazine ads hidden as “best new restaurant in Calgary!”)

    • Mr. Chinaski 09:33 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      But I have to agree with Paulo and Suzanne!!

    • Bill Binns 09:45 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      I’m not much a Poutine scholar but i finally found a place that has a version that I love. There is a place on (the soon to be renamed) Amherst just below Ontario called “Chez Phillipe”. It’s been there forever and is completely undiscovered by tourists and the folks who write these lists.

      The specialty of this place is a masterpiece called a “Michigan Dog”. This is a standard hotdog in a bun but they use spiced ground beef as a condiment. That same ground beef is used in their Poutine. They have exactly two kinds of poutine..”with meat” and “without meat”. That’s it. No artisiinal Chorizo poutine. Cheap too. Huge dinner for 2 for less than $20.

      We have got to get them to stop putting La Banquise on these lists. They have all the business they can handle. Hell, the poutine place across the street that seems to exist just to serve the the La Banquise overflow is itself swamped at nearly every hour of the day. Standing in line for an hour or more to eat Poutine in a city with a million poutine joints is just sad.

    • Zeke 09:58 on 2018-08-15 Permalink


      Next time you go to Pataterie Chez Philippe (1877 Amherst, for those interested) ask for “Le Zeke”. It’s delicious and will cover you for two meals.

      And if you like the Michigan (not “Michigan Dog” email me, and I can give you the whole history, it’s not an appropriate subject here) you should try Pierrette Patates in Verdun. They have a “Michigo”. A pogo slathered with a spicy meat sauce (make sure to ask for it with onions).

      And as long as we are adding to the list of poutine places in town. These are the places I would recommend: Chez Ma Tante, Le Coq de l’Est, Dic Ann’s, Gibeau Orange Julep, Jacquie & France, Paul Patates, Paulo & Suzanne, Pataterie Chez Philippe, Au Pied de Cochon, Pierrette Patates, Smoke Meat Pete, Uniburger.

    • Alex 11:00 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Am a big fan of Chez Claudette on Laurier

    • Dhomas 12:42 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Unrelated to Montreal but related to poutine, I’m spending a couple of days in Tremblant this week. It’s been several years since I’ve been, so I noticed a new addition to the pedestrian village: Smoke’s Poutinerie. Could they seriously not find a Quebec-based company to put in a poutine shop? They needed to bring in an Ontario-based company to make the dish most associated with Quebec? It makes me a little sad, but even more angry.

  • Kate 06:48 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    A bar owner who used to have an establishment beside a hostel for visiting Inuit downtown has received a permit for a new bar to open near the new Inuit hostel in Dorval, and this item says he’s even opened an astroturfed Facebook page ostensibly as a service to Inuit, but actually to promote the bar.

    • Zeke 08:20 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

    • jeather 08:25 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      I am fascinated by the daycare argument — if they are correct in that there are lots of spaces for daycares, surely the tax breaks for parents would be used whether or not this space opened. I am sure there are behind the scenes fights going on.

    • jeather 08:35 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Interestingly, the astroturfed facebook page has been turned into what appears to be a very normal facebook page and the bar itself has deleted its facebook page.

  • Kate 06:42 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    The Montreal annual news cycle always includes a late summer piece about raccoons on Mount Royal and here it is. Too many tourists are feeding too many raccoons. Despite signs warning of fines, it seems police have never issued a single ticket.

    • Bill Binns 09:22 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      It’s not just tourists and it’s not just raccoons. People are dumping food all over town trying to feed I don’t know what but probably feeding rats. Most of what I see appears to be restaurant waste. In the little parks around the Village, I see piles of croissants, baguettes, entire loaves of bread etc. I once thought that I had wandered into somebody’s art installation when almost the entire grass portion of a park was covered edge to edge in pita bread. I have never seen anyone actually dropping it but it happens sometime between 10pm and 6AM. When I lived on Doc Penfield, some mysterious person dropped a pile of rice at the base of every tree on the sidewalk for a space of a couple of blocks. This person was dedicated and never missed a day all year long. Again, it happened sometime in the wee hours as I never met anyone who knew who it was in the 10+ years I lived there.

      Remember when Westmount paid a private detective to do a stakeout on some old guy who kept feeding squirrels or birds even after being threatened with arrest for doing so?

      Montreal appears to have a shadowy underground of animal feeders who will not be deterred.

    • Ephraim 13:01 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Kate – I dare you to open an access to information request from the police to tell you exactly how many tickets they have issued. Having proof that there never issue a ticket might be a nice post on twitter to show how silly it is to have a law that isn’t enforced.

    • Kevin 13:25 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      @Bill Binns
      That led to the most hilarious TVA Mongrain segment ever.

    • Kevin 13:26 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      Oh geez. I just watched it again and it ends with a tease for PQ finance critic…. Francois Legault 😀

  • Kate 06:36 on 2018-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    Blue electric Bixis will be available starting Wednesday, but there are only 20 in the entire system for the moment. Users of powered bikes are obliged to wear a helmet, although this piece doesn’t say which type.

    • Bill Binns 09:30 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      The helmet thing is weird. How is Bixi going to enforce it? It’s not law so the cops shouldn’t be involved. Sounds like boilerplate to cover Bixi’s ass when the inevitable happens.

      Also weird to make a distinction between “powered” and unpowered as a helmet requirement. The electric bikes actually have a speed limiter. The regular bikes have no such thing. You don’t have to look far to find people riding Bixi’s downhill at well over the car speed limit.

    • Zeke 09:33 on 2018-08-15 Permalink


      Yes it is law. And the cops can enforce it.

    • Ephraim 13:02 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      @Zeke – Please, pray tell me, when have you seen a cop actually enforce almost any law other than on days where their supervisor tells them to issue tickets to the faut-pas-de-jour.

    • Zeke 13:17 on 2018-08-15 Permalink


      Given how prominently they are mentioning the need for helmets, I would not be surprised to see that helmets on electric Bixis quickly becomes a “faut-pas-de-jour.”

    • mare 17:47 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      @Ephraim I see the police hand out speeding tickets daily now on a section of Rosemont between two parks that is a 30 km zone, but car speed witnessed by me, and measured by a radar info panel, varied between 30 (rare), 45 (common) and 60 (at least one car per minute*). Not by a cop car with flashing lights, but two motorcycle cops, positioned under some trees and using a wireless radar device on a pole positioned at the opposite side of the road with I presume a camera link to them. For two hours a day there’s constantly two cars pulled over and being processed. I don’t think it’ll help in the long term, but for now I get a lot of Schadenfreude. That stretch is build to speed, very wide, a nice easy curve, no side streets and no lights. The stretch of Rosemont over St. Laurent is also such a racetrack, but it doesn’t have a constant stream of pedestrians who are crossing the road to go from one side of Parc-Marquette to the other. Often people with dogs (I’m one them) and strollers, and now also lots of skateboarders.

      *Once I saw two cars doing a race and driving 140 from the Papineau light to Christophe-Coulomb. At 8pm.

    • Ephraim 18:30 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      @mare – Wow! I’ve seen cops do nothing as cyclist after cyclist drives up the sidewalk on Park near Pine. It’s so shocking to see them actually do their work that we don’t even expect it anymore.

  • Kate 21:57 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    City hall has plans to vote cash for Viger Square and the Îlot Clark in Wednesday’s session.

  • Kate 20:33 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Going by the number of retweets and comments I’ve seen on this tweet from the Canadiens twitter Tuesday, everyone is taking it to mean the Habs are at peace with Pacioretty.

  • Kate 16:04 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Players of softball in Jeanne-Mance Park are taking the city to court over the decision earlier this summer to abolish the northern ball field in the park. The Plateau had promised last year to reconstruct the field after work was completed on the adjoining tennis courts, then announced suddenly this May that the field would not be back.

  • Kate 15:57 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse says Anjou’s borough mayor is livid that Montreal didn’t do more to persuade Solargise to build its new solar panel factory on its golf course. While Montreal waffled, Valleyfield leapt in and nabbed the project.

  • Kate 14:07 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Bernard Trépanier, the city hall bagman known as Monsieur 3%, has died. He was 79 and had been ill for some time. Trépanier will be forever remembered for the dictum Un chum c’t’un chum.

  • Kate 13:00 on 2018-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    A committee of first nations folks is to convene on a new name for Amherst Street.

    • Bill Binns 13:56 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      Oh come on! More unpronounceable nonsense like they applied to the Mount Royal summit? Did we finally run out of separatist heroes to honor?

      Ridiculous. I’d like to change the whole city over to a numbered grid so we can finally “honor” every little ethnic and special interest group with the exact same number of place names…none.

    • Kate 14:17 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      Bill, it may well end up the Rue des Indigènes or something like that, so don’t go off prematurely.

    • jeather 15:07 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      The article suggests it might be Kondiaronk or Pontiac, and honestly the Mohawk name is really simple to pronounce as an English speaker. Also, the First Nations aren’t “every little ethnic group”.

    • Chris 15:09 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      Bill, unpronounceable ≠ nonsense. There’s not a lot named after Amerindian stuff/people currently. They could probably find something more widely pronounceable.

    • Myles 15:27 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      Bill, you could, you know, learn how to pronounce words you don’t know how to.

    • Bill Binns 16:03 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      @Myles – I sort of have my hands full with French at the moment. Are all the good citizens among us using sentences like “Hey, meet me at Tiohtià:ke Otsira’kéhne at noon tomorrow”?

    • Dominic 16:18 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      Yeah, cause “Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Vérendrye” just rolls off the tongue for non-francophones. Or Longueuil. Somehow people have managed, and move on.

    • Kate 16:26 on 2018-08-14 Permalink

      There’s already a Pontiac Street in the Plateau. It’s a bit obscure but it’s only a step from Mont-Royal metro.

      As for Kondiaronk, the lookout has already been named for him.

    • Jack 05:08 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      I think from here on in we should name things Tim, Bits, Ron, Bill, because its just easier.

    • Tim S. 11:34 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      @ Jack: I feel vaguely besmirched

      That said, I’ve opinioned before that the point of place names is first to help navigate, and only secondly to commemorate. That’s why I’m opposed to all name changes, and don’t think user friendliness should be entirely dismissed in a choice.

    • Ephraim 13:07 on 2018-08-15 Permalink

      How about we just name it Amherst-Variole so that people start to realize how horrible a person this was. His name forever blemished by association.

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