Osheaga death still not clarified

It’s still sad about the teenager who died at Osheaga but, once again, as with the woman last year who blamed security for not protecting her drink from someone who may have put a drug in it, in this case the young man’s mother is blaming security for her son wandering away from a show and ending up in the river.

When adults come together in large groups for some kind of Dionysiac party – by which I mean drugs, noise and dancing – there is a limit to what “security” can do to protect people from themselves. There will always be that random element, that person with nefarious intentions or that rock by the river that shifts and pitches a person in. Until we attend concerts by putting on a VR headset without stirring from our assigned life cubicle, that is how it is*.

*Yes, I know. Then someone infiltrates the VR feed. Etc.