Update on metro system ATMs

A couple of weeks ago I reported being mad at my bank for withdrawing its ATMs from the metro system. They’re being replaced with generic ATMs that charge $3.50 for a simple cash withdrawal.

This is the notice posted on the Laurentian’s remaining ATMs before they’re taken out, kindly photographed for me at Plamondon station by a reader:

SANS FRAIS SUPPLÉMENTAIRES was the phrase that caught my eye initially, although I didn’t plow through the asteriskery.

I emailed Laurentian and the reply I received says:

These ABMs are replaced by the company Access Cash ABMs, which is not affiliated with the Laurentian Bank. Therefore, withdrawal fees are charged when using their ABMs.

The catch is, these new metro machines are not the Exchange ones mentioned in the notice. I have no idea where those are, because I have yet to see one.

I think it may be the STM I’ve got a beef with, and not the bank.

Update: I downloaded the Exchange app to my phone and it claims the ATM in Jarry metro is one of theirs. It’s a straight-up lie that I can use that machine for withdrawals “sans frais supplémentaires”!