Small group of guys want an NBA team

There’s nothing like pro sports for manufacturing consent. A group of businessmen would like to see an NBA team here but check out TVA’s headline “Montréal veut attirer une équipe de la NBA.” Even Radio-Canada gets into it with Si la NBA lance un processus d’expansion, Montréal souhaite en faire partie

No, Montreal is not looking for it: a bunch of businessmen can’t constitute themselves as speaking for the entire city. The mayor hasn’t spoken, nor has anyone held a referendum asking us what we think.

Likewise Sportsnet’s Montreal must prove to NBA it has value as an expansion city. Yeah, no. No, we don’t.

Global actually does it right with Montreal group wants NBA to come to the city. See, that word “group” is all it takes not to lie.

Anyway, the NBA isn’t in expansion mode, so it’s all talk. For now.