More parking demanded at market

A merchant at Jean-Talon market has presented a petition demanding the curtailment of roadwork and the return of ten parking spaces instead of the public square being created beside the market. TVA omits the mention of Ensemble’s Lionel Perez, who’s behind this scheme and gets a generous photo in the Gazette version of the story and a mention in Metro.

The Gazette piece also brings in a different thread, Perez claiming Plante wants to shut down the centre for prevention of radicalization, whereas all the mayor did was suggest Montreal should not be single-handedly funding an entity that was doing at least half its work elsewhere. There was a lot of talk about this centre when it opened, but Quebec has ceased chipping in. Plante said she wanted the centre to focus on the city since it was solely being paid for by the city, but Perez, as he does and has always been doing, has exaggerated the situation to make Plante look bad. Background on the centre’s situation.

Plante is being responsible in asking this centre and other quasi-governmental bodies funded by the city to do their jobs properly and open their books, but Perez knows this is exactly the kind of change the electorate want to see, so he’s trying to besmirch it as much as he can. That’s sad, partisan politics, because he values the advantage of undermining a beneficial action over the positive consequences of the action itself.