STM mismanagement blamed for bus no-shows

Mismanagement of maintenance is being blamed for no-show buses throughout the STM. It’s not the first time I’ve seen reports of complaints about a hiring freeze on mechanics leading to too much overtime and a maintenance backlog, but the question of not refuelling buses efficiently is a new one on me. And why don’t buses have a fuel gauge?

Update: A bus driver overheard me talking about this story just now and says that the situation is not new.

Further thoughts: headlines are stressing that drivers are paid to do nothing. I’ve seen comments here and there sneering at drivers for this, and I’m wondering why the credulous public are being led to see it this way. If a driver shows up for her shift and has no bus to drive, it is not her fault, and sitting around the bus garage waiting is not “doing nothing” if the driver has to idle there for hours.

The issue is not about the drivers, but about STM mismanagement of the maintenance side. Projet has promised us new buses, but it’s pointless if there aren’t the resources to keep them running.

Further update: the mechanics’ union and the STM are engaging in mutual blame over the lagging bus maintenance.