On the CAQ’s “immigration Tinder” move

It’s not directly a city matter, but the story about the CAQ government tearing up 18,000 immigration applications, some dating as far back as 2005 and many from people already living productive lives here, is going to affect Montreal more than other parts of the province. Called officially the Loi visant à accroître la prospérité socio-économique du Québec et à répondre adéquatement aux besoins du marché du travail par une intégration réussie des personnes immigrantes it means many people who’ve already invested their lives in staying here to work are now on hold. Even permanent residents from France have been blind-sided by this, and Ottawa has already rejected the CAQ plan to force newcomers to live and work out in the regions.

That arrogant little weasel Simon Jolin-Barrette is bad news.