Outremont: Residents opposed to synagogue

Before Outremont passed a ban on new “places of worship” on Bernard in 2016, it had given the green light to a building renovation that included a small synagogue, and recently confirmed the project could proceed. News items said the borough mostly wanted to avoid a costly court case. Now some residents want to fight this decision anyway.

This morning on CBC radio they had a spokesman for the religious community explaining that, in their interpretation of religious law, they have to walk to synagogue on the Sabbath, so they need to live fairly close by to allow the less mobile to attend. This was followed by one of the folks resisting the project, who invoked the holiest of sacred cows: parking. That his point had been previously invalidated was clever work by some news editor, but it made me wonder why there’s no complaint about people parking to go to the grocery stores, the bank, the veterinarian or any of the other establishments along there – just the synagogue. Which people walk to.