Downtown demo blocks René-Lévesque

A demonstration by Extinction Rebellion, determined to make their concerns very clear this week, is currently happening on René-Lévesque. The relevant city camera is here. A lot of police are on site.

I just had CBC radio on, and they were explaining that people would have to go around the area, yadda yadda. Someone here commented recently – I’m trying to find it – about who the media are talking to. Obviously the CBC crew does not feel they’re talking to climate activists, but to the silent majority who simply want to get home from work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m generally pro-CBC, but all the media will be talking in the same way this evening. Nobody is going to be saying “If you want to join this important protest, get off at Peel or Bonaventure and walk over.” They’re going to be saying “Get in your car and drive around it to avoid it.”

This tendency to normalize is what’s going to kill us eventually.