Trudeau shows at Jarry station

As in 2015, Justin Trudeau showed up at Jarry metro station Tuesday morning to thank his constituents, who re-elected him in Papineau with 51.2% of the vote.

There’s no other news this morning, so a quick look at our media:

Montréal conserve la rouge libérale; Mario Beaulieu the only Bloc win in Montreal; some notes on Mélanie Joly and Marc Garneau; CBC and Radio-Canada share the best map, which shows a deeply divided country – not just east-west, but also urban-rural; some thoughts from Jonathan Montpetit on the Bloc’s success; winners and losers in Montreal; the Liberal stronghold in western Montreal; polling stations were super busy at times on Monday.

Martin Patriquin in the Guardian on the doom of the far right after Monday’s result.

As they say in the metro, d’autres messages suivront.