Historical items of the week

I don’t usually link the “happened this week in history” item in the Journal by the Centre d’histoire, but this week’s shows a photo of the first car in Montreal, property of Ucal-Henri Dandurand, who evidently also owned a spiffy top hat.

The main Centre d’histoire piece this weekend is about tiny, obscure Avenue Lartigue.

The Journal itself is looking back 47 years to the art heist at the Museum of Fine Arts, which it says is among the ten top art thefts of the 20th century. The art and artifacts taken that day have never been recovered.

The CBC is supporting the Montreal Children’s Library as their charity this year. The institution has been around for 90 years. I had no idea where this library is, and it turns out to be on 42nd Street just east of Pie-IX on the eastern edge of Saint-Michel.

The Gazette’s notable history piece from the last week was the 1984 bombing in an apartment on de Maisonneuve that killed four men, probably in revenge for the murder of gangster Dunie Ryan.