Some thoughts on what is not working.

Doing this blog it’s easy to feel that we’re the only city that’s
1. facing a shortage of housing affordable to working people
2. failing to deal with its output of trash, and
3. coping with too many vehicles on its roads

But I read a lot, including many sources not connected with Montreal, and every western city is at grips with versions of these same problems.

Profit and the free market were supposed to fix everything, but it’s becoming clearer every day that they are not fixing any of these, because there’s basically no profit in it. But they have to be fixed. We have a mayor capable of seeing this, but the levels of government above the city aren’t interested, beyond issuing the occasional empty promise.

I have no raging insights here. Only it’s odd at times to live in a place where we’re mostly agreed it’s bad to profit from the misfortune of illness, but we can’t apply the idea to anything else.