Montreal duplex on TreeHugger

Here’s an odd little piece on Treehugger about a Montreal duplex which shows the writer has no idea about our residential streets. He praises a duplex for its “gentle density” evidently unaware that most of the central part of this city was built up with row after row of duplexes and triplexes long ago. He also seems to think it’s a new building, although it looks to me like someone took an existing duplex, gutted it and did a number on it.

One positive thing in this rebuild is that it was preserved as a home for two different households, whereas most of the duplex refits we see involve first and foremost opening the structure into one living space. Mind you, the owners described are close relatives, so it isn’t clear whether the building would still be suitable for entirely separate households into the future.

And yes… there it is, the obligatory breakfast bar.