Thursday’s initial Corona stories

The quickly rising numbers of COVID‑19 cases in Quebec have alarmed many, but experts say the hike only occurred because of a surge in testing that caught up with the cases already in existence.

A new drive-thru clinic is going to be opened at Cavendish Mall. Côte St-Luc has turned out to be something of a hotspot in town, so there are good reasons for this.

Grocery stores have been unable to cope with the sharp rise in demand for delivery. While CTV has general advice on how to shop safely, La Presse reports how a recently returned snowbird was barred from two grocery stores in Lac St‑Jean.

The Gazette, which has taken this moment to radically redesign its website, is doing its usual thing: a piece entitled “While you were sleeping: New day, same locked-down life” subheaded “We’ll be doing this for weeks”. When did the Gazette decide its leading tone should be passive-aggressively pissed off? It’s been like this for a long time. (I’m going to write something soon about what the various Montreal media do well and what they don’t – I started writing it here, then recalled this is meant to be a post about COVID‑19 …)

QMI is raising an eyebrow at the Legault government’s view that making cigarettes is an essential service. The official line is that they want to circumvent an influx of illegal cigarettes, but I suspect Legault & cie also feel it would be bad politics to shut down indulgences at a time like this, thus keeping the SAQ and SQDC open and the cigarette factories rolling.

CTV also covered the question of the safety of going for a walk, which we touched on here on Wednesday. The tl;dr here is that yes, you can walk, but don’t go too far from home, and keep your distance.