Covid headlines du jour

A bunch of Covid headlines came in later on Sunday.

It’s the worst year in a decade for forest fires in Quebec and Covid is partly to blame because people fled to isolate in their cottages, and they’ve been burning trash out there. Another heat wave is coming this week and the open fire ban has been expanded.

Kids are feeling the stress of isolation and dropped links with school. This will give researchers material for study for years.

Clubs are allowed to reopen now, with limitations, but customers of a popular Dix-30 bar have already caught covid, so we’ll see if that was a good idea.

Urbania reports on how things are working at gyms.

In a few weeks, real testing should tell us what the true rate of Covid infection is. (Those two links are English and French versions of the same CP story.)

Two thirds of Canadians support closing businesses again if a second spike becomes apparent.

This is a locked New York Times piece, but there’s more and more evidence that Covid is contagious via airborne particles. …Same story on the Guardian.