Rosepatrie: Two thirds favour bike paths

Two thirds of people surveyed in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie are in favour of bike paths. And this is TVA admitting it!

La Presse has published a response to last week’s sour Montréal, je te quitte! screed. Pascal Henrard points out that journalists like negative stories – that someone hates a new bike path or a new park is more edgy and newsy than how much people like a new thing. Le bonheur écrit à l’encre blanche sur des pages blanches. (Henrard doesn’t go so far as to theorize that journalists writing these sour stories are giving readers permission to also hate, giving them a focus for their hate, but I could go on about this.)

Update: Toula Drimonis responds to Montréal, je te quitte!, specifically, the writer’s complaint that the city didn’t do enough to give him copious free parking everywhere he might want to go.