Swearing in the media

François Legault was so steamed up in a recent presser that he swore over how Paul St‑Pierre Plamondon accused him of breaking pandemic rules by socializing with his adult sons. I clicked on this CTV link in mild curiosity, watched the story – and when they get to Legault swearing, they bleep it! That kills the story, right there.

La Presse reports the incident straight up. Legault was speaking English at this point – I wondered if he’d curse in English or if he’d slip in a tabarnak – and, without fuss, La Presse translates what he said: merde, s’il vous plait, n’impliquez pas les enfants.

Really? The delicate ears of Quebec anglos can’t hear someone say “shit” on TV? In 2021, in French?

I wish this pretense would stop. The bleeping and the asterisks. If the story is about swearing, especially, there’s no story unless we know what was said. Kids say worse in kindergarten: stop treating us like babies!

Also, do we believe Legault’s adult sons both still live with him? Plamondon had to withdraw his accusation when Legault assured him that they do.