Church holds another illegal service

That church in St-Léonard held another illegal service on Sunday, allowing 60 people into a building that should only have permitted ten. No tickets were issued, although TVA doesn’t attempt to explain why not.

Alex Norris just mentioned on Facebook that the city’s executive committee has renewed the five‑day state of emergency for the 70th time running.

La Presse is kind of pushing for opening up. I’ve been struck during the pandemic by how media have sloshed back and forth on “taking sides” about public health: Monday it’s performance artists and downtown merchants wanting things to move.

I wish media would be a little clearer about the simple fact that you cannot negotiate with a pathogen. Hard though the pandemic is on us, it isn’t really about us! Nobody is oppressing you or your business, we all have a hard fact of life that has to be dealt with.