Promises of money in spring 2018 for the extension of the metro’s blue line to Anjou inspired Steve Faguy to tweet a series of earlier promises, and he’s given me permission to work his items into this timeline. I’m adding various pieces other sources; the question of transit along Pie-IX plays into this, as well as the later notions about the REM and the Pink Line.

June 1986: Blue line opens, but only from St-Michel to De Castelnau.

June 1987: Parc station opens, extending the line one station westward.

January 1988: Snowdon station opens and blue line runs from Snowdon to St-Michel, which has now remained the status quo for 30 years. Acadie station doesn’t open till March 1988; it remains one of the least busy in the system and is, to date, the last metro station opened on the island of Montreal.

October 1998: Transport minister Jacques Brassard says “the money is there” after Quebec sets aside $63.5 million to extend the blue line east one stop to Pie-IX Blvd.

February 1990: Montreal Urban Community approves $1-billion loan to fund metro extensions: orange line to Laval, blue line to Anjou and new line on Pie-IX.

May 2001: Quebec announces $140 million toward transit projects, including extending the orange line to Laval and the blue line to Pie-IX.

April 2002: AMT publishes $3-million study on extending blue line to Anjou, which puts total cost at $700 million.

April 2007: Orange line’s Laval extension opens: three stations costing $700 million.

November 2010: AMT compiles a “wish list” saying it needs $91 million for studies and preliminary engineering work on extending the blue line.

September 2013: The PQ transport minister says his government wants to extend the blue line but not before 2020.

January 2015: A study is announced into extending the blue line with surface rail. Anjou mayor Luis Miranda is not pleased.

February 2015: There’s a brief flurry of interest in extending the blue line with an elevated train, a Robert Poëti idea.

June 2015: An AMT study shoots down a proposal to extend the line with a surface tram between St‑Michel and Anjou.

February 2016: The price tag for the blue line extension as a conventional subway tunnel is put at $3 billion. By this point $60 million has been spent on studies about the blue line extension.

April 2018: Federal and provincial unite to announce money for the extension of the blue line to Anjou by 2026, including five new stations: Pie-IX, Viau, Lacordaire, Langelier and Galeries d’Anjou. (Since Pie-IX, Viau and Langelier are already station names on the green line, will new names be chosen or will they just be “Pie-IX Nord” or “Viau Bleu”?)

May 2018: Government will be paying out more than $300 million for land expropriations needed to extend the line to Anjou.

Also in May, St-Laurent mayor Alan DeSousa revives a previously mentioned but shelved idea to extend the orange line past the Côte-Vertu terminus to Bois-Franc. A vast underground garage is being excavated near the terminus and DeSousa suggests that it would save money to extend the tunnel at the same time.

June 2018: Quebec says it will pay for the $394-million cost of the express bus lane on Pie-IX, largely meant to ferry people to and from Laval. It’s supposed to be completed by 2022.