A wave of sexual misconduct

Gilbert Rozon has resigned from Just for Laughs following accusations of misconduct; he was called out by Guillaume Wagner, the man who initially accused popular TV figure Éric Salvail of sexual misconduct, a charge that’s been followed by a whole raft of other testimonies.

Also, the woman who accused Marcel Aubut of sexual improprieties has gone public with her identity and details.

Updates Thursday morning: lots on Rozon, who’s now under police investigation. Rozon has also stepped down as commissioner of the city’s 375th celebrations, and Denis Coderre says he’s disappointed and saddened by the allegations. But rumours about Rozon have been in circulation for years – surely Coderre must have taken those in stride when he appointed him.

Another update: I admit to not recognizing Gilles Parent: he was a well-known radio host in Quebec City who’s been taken off the air after a series of allegations of sexual misbehaviour.

There’s now a police hotline for reporting sexual assault: 514-280-2079.