Man ticketed for singing in car

A St-Laurent resident has received a $149 ticket for singing in his own car. Definitely smells of annoyed police looking for any excuse to issue a ticket, even when there was no offence committed.

My quarrel with Mr. Moualla is in the TVA lede – the bit about it was a hot day so he went to buy bottles of water. You can drink our tap water. You don’t need to buy drinking water. The city’s got to get onto this ridiculous business of people getting in a car and driving somewhere to buy drinking water expensively then throwing away endless empty bottles.

To any city reps reading this: Tell us how good the tap water is. Publish lab comparisons with the popular bottled water brands to show it’s at least as good. Talk about it! This city is full of people who’ve come here from places where the tap water is no good, and they need to be reassured that they no longer have to buy water to drink!