Voted Sunday in the advance poll

I’ve already voted in Sunday’s advance poll. There were lines to vote in the basketball gym in Lucien-Pagé high school, where I’ve voted at every level in every election (and worked in a couple of elections too) since moving to Villeray in 2005.

Since I am not working as an election official this spin round, I don’t mind saying I voted for Valérie Plante as mayor and Giuliana Fumagalli as borough mayor. Both are from Projet, both are women, plus I’d be pleased to see the back of Coderre and Anie Samson, who rules ViSaMiPex as his loyal sidekick.

At this point I would not readily give odds on Plante vs. Coderre, but I can hope.

Please vote if you can. Let’s get the participation up over 43% this year.