Elsie Lefebvre draws a line

Radio-Canada finds evidence that Elsie Lefebvre, running for Équipe Coderre in Villeray, has been distancing herself from Coderre, telling people they can vote both for her as councillor and Valérie Plante as mayor. Lefebvre has been campaigning hard: I’ve seen her several times at Jarry metro, talking to people, handing out flyers and shaking hands.

Lots of campaign pieces on this last working day before the election. Gilles Duceppe supports Coderre. (Why do the flags in that picture not have the golden tree in the centre?)

Metro has a good terse summary of the notable points of both mayoral candidates.

Plante is criticizing Coderre’s lack of transparency on Formula E and Anie Samson calls Plante dangerous. In response, Plante says Coderre’s team is in panic mode.

Yves Boisvert considers what he calls Coderre’s strange campaign and Chantal Hébert contrasts the two candidates in the Toronto Star.