Judge to rule on REM

A judge will rule next week on whether the REM can proceed, but we’ve already been told by a PLQ spokesman that the project will proceed no matter what the judge says – a nice respect for the courts, I don’t think.

Here’s a news item from February 18, 1931: Mass delegation to enter protest against elevated. Subheads: West and North End Citizens Join Hands in “March” Upon Council. Advocate Alternatives. Underground System of Railways and Tramways Brought Forward as Meeting City’s Needs. Lede: Plans are afoot for two monster delegations, representing the west and north ends of the city, to join for an interview with the Executive Committee, with the ultimate object of having the City Council bring pressure on the Bennett Government to suspend work on the Canadian National Railways terminal scheme and to secure re-study of the entire project to substitute, if possible, subways for elevated tracks.

…Previous defeats at the hands of the Canadian National Railways have not diminished the feeling in the north and west ends against elevated tracks, organizers said yesterday afternoon. Instead, the sentiment is declared to have been intensified by the appearance of the bridges which the Canadian National Railways is building at Guy and Mountain streets and which are branded as an inkling of what “horrors” may be anticipated when the entire elevated track routes are completed.