New weblog calendar for 2018!

I’ve been making a new 2018 weblog calendar and have put up a preliminary version for comment (PDF file). The design, photos and blog quotes are all new since last year’s, and while some of the historical dates are carried over from last time, I’ve been researching and reading up to add more. The cover is based on this terrific poster from 1884 with the picture of the old Crystal Palace at the top.

I have a problem with February. It’s a sparse month for landmark incidents. For 375 years, it seems everyone has been home by the fire that month, not going out and making trouble. But if anyone can think of anything significant that occurred here in any February from 1643 to 2017 which I haven’t got, please add a comment!

When I’ve done a little more work I’ll create a higher-rez version suitable for printing on tabloid-size paper (11×17), and post again.