Did the 375th change the city?

Did the celebrations of the city’s 375th anniversary add anything of value to the city? Le Devoir’s Jérôme Delgado considers the question from a public art angle and notes how few women artists were included; he also picks his favourites.

The blog had some discussions and links about what the city got for the 350th in 1992. Metro and Radio-Canada both had articles, and a comment from Mr. Chinaski listed the Biodome, the Musée d’art contemporain building, the MMFA’s Jean-Desmarais pavilion, the reopening of the McCord, the opening of the Hotel-Dieu museum and the renovation of a dozen public places as memorable additions and improvements. I don’t think the 375th came close, although as a lesser milestone maybe that’s appropriate.

I was hardly aware of the 150th of Canada, either. Anyone?