City budget raises storm of protest

The city budget has provoked a cascade of stories, most ignoring the fact that the city administration needs cash to do the job right. Yes, as comments below suggest, there could be improvements in efficiency – but those take time. You can’t just change a city’s administrative culture overnight, but you can increase revenue quickly.

If Projet is in this for the long haul, it also makes sense for them to raise the cash now, when the next municipal election is far away, and put the money to work to keep their other promises.

The demerged municipalities are kvetching about their contribution rising, but let’s not forget that most of them are wealthier than the core city that gives them a raison-d’être.

Business owners are threatening to mobilize.

For some, the availability of an English version of the budget was more of a problem than any of its content. Mathieu Bock-Côté claims that Valérie Plante is turning her back on Quebec.