A new font named for Montreal

Saw on Facebook a link to a new sans-serif font called Neue Montreal by local designer Mathieu Desjardins, which can be downloaded free for personal use. The page on pangrampangram.com has some material about the city and Expo 67, although the font used for the Expo 67 logo and a lot of its material was Optima and this new font has no connection with Optima at all.

Made me wonder about other fonts with a Montreal connection. Fonts called TS Montreal and Valise Montreal exist but don’t have any obvious connection with the city.

The font that I think of as Montreal is Univers 57, which any metro user sees every day: it’s the font of the white capitals on black bands above every metro platform. The STM also had a custom display font made for it in 2010 by Baselab in Barcelona (a font you cannot buy, and Baselab’s website has disappeared), and the STM is gradually rolling out a new metro signage system based on Clearview or something like that, designed to be ultra legible at distances.