Fumagalli: monster or smear job?

Background on Giuliana Fumagalli is coming out, now that the VSMPE borough mayor has been told to stay home while allegations of harassment are investigated. Her previous work history at Canada Post is being dug up – or, as the Gazette delicately puts it, “[Lionel] Perez made the comment as a 2016 decision by the Canada Industrial Relations Board shed light on conflicts between Fumagalli, her former employer […] and her former union” letting us ponder who exactly excavated that story and presented it to the media. City hall opposition is making hay with a situation that has not yet been clarified.

The most negative items about Fumagalli are by Olivier Robichaud on Huffington Post, a site that doesn’t usually get so entangled in details about Montreal municipal affairs.

I don’t know Fumagalli and my only response to her election was to be glad my borough had elected a Projet mayor and that the unimaginative Anie Samson was no longer in charge. But I’d like to see an objective inquiry here rather than dark hints and sub-journalistic gossip.