BAnQ chieftancy becomes hot potato

It’s not clear why the BAnQ didn’t manage to find a single acceptable candidate for its top role for a year, but the government’s imposition of Jean-Louis Roy has steamed the chairman of the board so much that he’s quit. I’m wondering how politics is playing into this and what Roy’s ideas are for the future of the library.

Update: I read up this Le Devoir view of the story and it really doesn’t seem to be politics. After a lifetime watching Quebec politics I tend to assume it’s going to be a fracture along the lines of “the library is nationalist and this new guy is a federalist” (or vice versa) but it doesn’t seem to be that. What remains unclear is how the library managed not to find a suitable candidate after a year’s searching. Le Devoir also clarifies that there was a split a few years ago between the role of chairman of the board and the president. Maybe it doesn’t need two people at the top?