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  • Kate 21:59 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Senneville is one of those parts of the island where, classically, nothing ever happens, especially not a bomb going off in the mailbox of a 68-year-old woman.

    • Kate 21:55 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

      The biggest producer of greenhouse gases in this city is the east-end sewage treatment plant. With its four incinerators reaching the end of their useful lifetimes, the city is looking for less damaging methods of dealing with the vast amount of crap it constantly filters out of the sewage system.

      • Kate 20:10 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

        Projet is still studying the feasibility of allowing swimming off the Old Port and have found there aren’t many experts in this particular area.

        • Kate 19:44 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

          I noted this piece by T’cha Dunlevy about anglos not caring about the Franco fest (used to be Francofolies), but didn’t immediately blog it because it annoyed me, especially his taunt that “anglo Montrealers prefer to pretend they live in Toronto.”

          It always annoys me to be told it’s sad or lectured that it’s deplorable that I don’t devote part of my dwindling free time to earnestly consuming cultural material that isn’t in my home language, as a duty. Don’t think this is about hating French. I speak and read French every day, and for that matter I don’t watch much TV or listen to top-40 radio in English either. I reserve the right to choose what I listen to (or read, or watch).

          A hot take from Reddit that I liked:

          WHAT THE FUCK!?

          The Montreal Gazette has sunk to a whole new low. I’m a fucking Anglo, and I try to fucking pretend Toronto doesn’t even exist. Wtf is this rag going on about? Maybe the god dman problem is that the Montreal Gazette is trying to pretend to be CJAD or some shit like that.

          Let me tell you, no self-respecting Montrealer of any linguistic background tries to pretend that Montreal is Toronto except maybe a few idiots in the west island but, it’s the west island, who gives any shits at all what they think.

          Oh, and that remarkable introduction is based on the premise that anglos like to say “we’re billingual city” and then don’t go en masse to Francofolie.

          What a stupid comparison from a stupid author of a stupid news paper. It’s stupid all the way down, stupid.

          • Kate 14:55 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

            The PQ wanted to see La Presse’s editorial line change to qualify for the nonprofit status it’s seeking, but the editor says it’s normal for a paper to have a known political colour and it should remain federalist. Power Corp. has sworn the paper will have total independence.

            • Kate 14:51 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

              Fraud charges have been stayed in two cases against Bernard Trépanier, known as “Monsieur 3%” because of alleged rakeoffs from city contracts. Trépanier is gravely ill and has gone into palliative care, so there’s little the justice system can do to him now.

              • Kate 07:14 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                St-Michel councillor Frantz Benjamin says he’s considering a move to Quebec politics. He’s hoping to run in his home district for the PLQ.

                We may see a few more of these moves as the vacuum of strong PLQ candidates makes itself felt.

                • Kate 05:57 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                  A writer for the Journal reviews the city’s expensive new self-cleaning toilets, sees many possible points of failure and has doubts the highly mechanized devices will last long.

                  • Kate 05:54 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                    The STM has an idea for an integrated transit application that would bring public transit, Bixi, taxis and car-sharing together in one place. They’ve already named it Céleste.

                    What concerns me is Philippe Schnobb’s idea that the app would bill users after the fact. The great thing about buying a monthly pass up front is that it’s unlimited so you don’t have to keep tabs on how many trips you’ve used or whether you’re racking up too much of a bill. An app like this would keep a tally instead and would be capable of billing you for every ride – possibly even for mileage.

                    • Kate 05:44 on 2018-06-06 Permalink | Reply  

                      There are general reports of an open-ended daycare strike starting Wednesday morning, but this affects only 57 out of 993 centres in the city.

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