Language survey: through a glass darkly?

A new survey done by the Association for Canadian Studies and the Quebec Community Groups Network found that anglo and franco attitudes here still diverge on certain issues, mostly to do with language protection and mutual understanding. Le Devoir took a soft line, with a headline saying the two solitudes are getting closer, while the Gazette emphasizes that anglos and francos have a distorted view of each other.

CTV has a piece but also a window on the actual PDF report at the bottom of the article.

The Gazette didn’t proofread well: item #12 on their infographic simply says “Anglos make an important contribution to Quebec’s” to which 96% of anglos agree but only 84% of francos. Going by the document I think it’s “economy”.

On the other hand, the design of the actual PDF report is bad, with lots of ALL CAPS screaming across the page in header sizes all over the place and tables dumped into too-tight boxes smacked down on black.

Each side thinks the other makes more money. Is there any objective way to find out which is true? The document says both do.

Also, there’s the item about “Anglos act like a majority in Quebec”, a claim I’ve seen made in various contexts over the years. What does a majority act like? Does this imply anything about how we think a minority should behave?