Coroner writes bland report on Ouimet death

The coroner’s report is in on the death of Clément Ouimet last year on the Camillien-Houde. Dr. Jean Brochu blames the layout of the eastern lookout. Apparently the SUV driver whose abrupt U‑turn killed Ouimet was trying to angle his vehicle into the eastbound lane to get into the lookout.

So, the layout “encourages motorists to make unsafe manoeuvres” and Ouimet’s death was an accident.

Get Global’s account: “The teen was heading eastbound down Camillien-Houde Way when a SUV — driven by a tourist — decided to do a U-turn, despite the presence of double yellow lines.”

The SUV decided to do a U-turn.

The driver ignored the double lines and did what least inconvenienced him, but nonetheless this was just an accident, pure random chance, not the consequence of a selfish decision that took someone’s life.

I could spit.