Update on commenting

A regular participant found this week he couldn’t get the blog to accept a comment, and I’m concerned this may have been happening to others too.

He tells me that after he cleared cookies from the site the problem resolved.

So, if you’ve had problems commenting here, please clear your cookies (the site does not place many) and you should be good to go.

The participant had been concerned I’d quietly banned him. Please know that I do not ban lightly, and that only three bans have ever been necessary in all the time I’ve been doing this. This blog has always had good participants.

I would also never ban anyone without at least one explicit warning. So if you find you can’t comment it’s not that I’ve stealth-banned you without a word. That will never happen. It would be a technical glitch on your side (browser) or because you’ve included links (in which case your comment goes into a queue for approval).