The food court scrap over pizza

A Lebanese food counter that’s been open nearly a decade in the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance building has been served with various warnings by the landlord after a Double Pizza franchise also moved in, because some of its offerings involve toppings on flat breads.

On reddit, people suggested protesting by emailing the landlord or posting to Double Pizza’s Facebook page – or bringing more business to Chez Fourna.

(If you’re wondering which bit of the interior city is the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance building, it’s the old Simpson’s building containing Simons and the Scotiabank Cinema. The building’s food court listing includes both a Basha and Chez Fourna and that doesn’t seem to have been a problem.)

Update: CTV’s account of this story adds the fact that Chez Fourna has been told its lease won’t be renewed in 2020.