Chickens: not so easy

I can see the headline writer’s temptation here, but the headline Chickens run afoul in Montreal makes no sense. A person or animal doesn’t just “run afoul” but “runs afoul of” e.g. “The chicken ran afoul of a fox.”

So, apparently it’s not so easy keeping chickens, although some of the assumptions here are odd. If you have only hens, you can’t suddenly find you’ve got a rooster, because unless someone very close by does have a rooster, none of their eggs will be fertile.

Also, the assumption that we don’t know what to do with spare chickens is bizarre. When you decide you don’t want chickens any more, or you have hens that stop laying, you can do with them what people have done with them since time immemorial. Or, if you can’t face doing that, find someone who can. Really, the SPCA shouldn’t have its time wasted.