Can old plan help housing crisis?

Radio-Canada reports, straight-faced, that the city has a great plan to counter the housing crisis – get this, they’ll make developers include a number of affordable units in their new buildings!

Leaving aside that “affordable” is a weasel word with no definition, this has been tried before and developers always manage to wiggle out of it. They don’t want poor people in their pristine new buildings and besides, as the report blandly observes, “les promotions craignent qu’elles [these “new” rules] les empêchent de construire des projets rentables.”

The Plante administration wants to go a little further and make a sizable chunk of any new project into social housing, but as one promoter says here – again blandly – you can’t expect that kind of concession downtown, poor people have to accept they will be living at inconveniently distant locations from jobs and services, that’s just how it is. He goes on with a veiled threat: “la Ville doit comprendre que les « capitaux sur le marché sont très mobiles ».”