Tour de l’île: the usual griping

TVA rejoices in griping about the Tour de l’île. Peter Sergakis doesn’t like it. People are out cycling who should be drinking in his dive bars. A weird pseudo-promise that the cycling events are profitable for the city is raised and then dismissed with no evidence either way. A Côte St-Luc councillor is also in the news for expressing hopes that rain would ruin the tour. But it didn’t, and 25,000 riders turned out.

I got stuck this weekend not once but twice because of the Tour. Friday night, coming home late, I was unaware that most of the 55 bus route had been cancelled for the entire evening, and had to wait nearly an hour for the first 363 to show up. Note to the STM: it is not helpful to post a sign at Sherbrooke Street telling you to go catch the bus at de Castelnau station – 5 km away.

Then Sunday I got stuck in a detoured 55 southbound at Mont-Royal, in the rain – I’d only glanced briefly at the map and had the impression the whole route was in the southwestern part of town, but no, the start and finish were in Jeanne-Mance Park. The bus driver was laughing because she couldn’t go anywhere, with Park Avenue blocked off by cop cars and Mont-Royal closed for a street sale. So I got off and walked.

But I’m not mad about any of it. It’s one weekend out of the year. The Tours are a good tradition.