Perez tries again to be speaking for the people

Lionel Perez has tried this on before, but his party’s new report on the state of play says the Plante administration governs for its supporters, not for “the people”.

This is how populism works: you claim to be representing “le gros bon sens” of the people – even if they didn’t vote for you. Perez is trying to illegitimize Projet even though its principles won out fair and square over the Coderre approach in 2017, and he can say anything he likes about what the silent majority wants, because when the time came, they didn’t vote for his party, and for the most part didn’t vote at all. The only good thing is that Perez is going to lose this game, because you don’t get anywhere blandishing support from people so apathetic they can’t vote once every four years.

Perez is also claiming that his is the party of the environment, while not contributing anything of substance. It’s just a ploy to try to win back ground from Projet mid-term, and it’s not working.