New flood map makes some owners unhappy

The question of Quebec’s new flood maps goes well beyond Montreal but laps up at its western shores. Many people are not happy with the possible consequences of having their homes and property placed in the conceptual grey zone of a flooding area. Whether the province is being realistic in the face of climate change hardly seems to be mentioned. Here’s the full official map.

The St Lawrence has been unusually high since the spring, and the situation continues downriver.

Update: Beaconsfield has asked to be taken off the map. If the mapping is done correctly, you can no more ask to be removed from a flood map than to be excused winter. A flood map should not be tweaked for political reasons, it should be simple fact that can’t be reasoned with. As the old commercial had it, you can’t fool Mother Nature.

Another update: residents of Pierrefonds-Roxboro talk about how they worry about flooding every spring. I have one piece of advice for them: move to a less worrying location. Putting down roots next to the river – what a nice view! – is foolish, and you can’t expect the government to literally bail you out if experience shows that you’re now living with your feet in the water. Cut your losses and go.

As this CBC piece on climate catastrophe says, “Dikes and levees that protect from flooding can encourage development in flood-prone areas by providing a false sense of security.”