St-Hubert, as it was and will be

Had a look at the St-Hubert Plaza street sale Sunday. The street is more or less filled in from St‑Zotique up to Jean-Talon, although this means quite a leap from the new sidewalks down to the as-yet-unpaved roadbed. All the trees have been removed from that segment of the road, which CE commented recently made it feel like a Latin American street fair.

I took this photo at St-Zotique facing south, where the big old trees are still in place, but presumably not for long. The vibe of the street is totally different where the trees still are. According to what I read last week, after a couple more weekends of street sale, roadwork will begin on the southern segment between Bellechasse and St-Zotique, so it’s goodbye to those trees and hello to a year of excavation for the businesses on those blocks.

As for the street sale – it was kind of dull. Unless you want a spangled ballgown or cheap wedding dress, but that’s nothing new. Fewer diverse offerings though, because a lot of businesses have closed and gone away.