Recycling centre: unhealthy for the neighbourhood?

Tuesday we saw a report on how unhealthy it is for workers in the city’s recycling facility, where bacteria breed in the organic remnants in the materials they are sorting.

Wednesday, Frantz Benjamin, MNA for the district, says he’s concerned the facility may be unhealthy for people nearby as well, and he wants tests made of the air quality around the place.

There’s a certain irony here, because the facility is located at Papineau and the Met, where the air quality is never going to be exactly stellar. But if you add bacterial contamination on top of car exhaust, you might well end up with a nasty soup. Tests should be made.

And if it’s bad? Maybe it’s time we separated our recycling, as people do in Europe. No reason paper, glass and metal should all be put out together. Maybe there should also be a campaign to get people to wash and rinse jars, bottles and cans before putting them out.