History pieces on a quiet Sunday

Some history pieces for a quiet Sunday. (At least it is, around here. Early summer it’s all power tools as people resume projects left unfinished over the winter, and come September they’ll start up again as they realize summer won’t last forever. But for now it’s great. We don’t have lawns and hedges in Villeray.)

The Journal looks at the highs and lows of the long reign of Jean Drapeau, twenty years after his death. Radio-Canada also has a piece about Drapeau.

Radio-Canada notes the 300th anniversary of the windmill in Pointe-aux-Trembles. There were once 240 mills in Quebec and only 18 remain. Text and audio.

The Gazette’s “through our eyes” is a daily feature, this week looking at the first airmail arrival in 1939, a perfect game pitched by the Expos’ Dennis Martinez in 1991, and other incidents.

In the Gazette, Marian Scott also writes about the 150-year history of the SPCA.