City ponders future for massive Plateau buildings

The city is weighing options for the massive, unoccupied Institut des Sourdes-Muettes building on St-Denis in the Plateau as well as the old Soeurs de la Miséricorde building (I believe it’s this one down St-Hubert). They still belong to the province, which would like to hand them over to the city – but Montreal needs to have plans, and both buildings would need extensive modernization.

Since we’re short of school buildings, one or both of these buildings might come in handy. We’d need teachers to staff them, though.

…On considering, what was happening here in the 19th century to require two massive buildings – this one on St-Denis at Roy, and the other up St-Laurent north of Jean-Talon, now condos? – to educate deaf students? Here’s a piece on the city’s official site that answers part of the question, at least: boys and girls had to be educated separately, according to the mores of the times.