History pieces for a Labour Day weekend

World War II started 80 years ago (the president of Germany has just apologized to Poland) and Radio-Canada looks at earlier commemorations including a Téléjournal from 1989 and René Lévesque, in his days as a journalist, explaining the war in 1959 (starting around 2:33 in that clip). Interesting footage.

The Gazette’s history series has a notably tragic incident this weekend: the 1972 Blue Bird arson, which killed 37 people out on the eve of Labour Day weekend at two bars, one upstairs of the other, on Phillips Square. The space has been a parking lot since then, and a small memorial plaque was placed at the square in 2012.

The Gazette also looked at the last streetcar run, in Rosemont in 1959, while the Journal this weekend shows us the open golden tram that was conceived for tourism purposes in the 1930s. (I think the design was later adapted to a bus, because I have a faint memory of seeing an open-topped bus in that style when I was small, but I may be confabulating that.)