Quebec could reopen Bill 101 

I’m thrilled to report that the Quebec government is planning a season of strengthening French and may even reopen the charter of the French language, for example to add laws to punish immigrants who don’t take French classes, and impose language requirements on businesses with 49 employees or fewer. More punishments and heavier fines, that’s what a language needs to thrive.

Update: The CAQ wants to never communicate in English except with members of the “historically anglo” community. Don Macpherson ponders the implications.

Not sure I’d count. Born here to an anglo mother, who was born here to anglo parents (my mother’s dad, born in Griffintown, married a woman from England); this grandfather’s mother was born in Beauharnois in 1843 where her father, an immigrant from County Meath, was working on canal construction. She was married in 1865 to my great-grandfather John Ryan (b. 1837-ish in Tipperary) at Saint Patrick’s by Father Patrick Dowd himself. On the other hand, my father, alas, was an immigrant, from an Irish enclave in Lancashire, so maybe I will not be considered historical after all.