Death of Rosemont cyclist “an accident”?

The coroner’s report is in on the death of cyclist Valérie Bertrand-Desrochers more than a year ago on St-Zotique in Rosemont and it’s a shitshow. “The coroner’s report found that the collision was mainly due to the way Bertrand-Desrochers was cycling, and that the truck was driving in an area where trucks are prohibited.” This may be an inexact translation from French, so grain of salt, but if the truck driver had no business taking his vehicle onto that street, how was this an accident? The item goes on to say he “was en route to his home to retrieve his cellphone at the time of the collision.” How is this death a random chance, and how was the cyclist supposed to look out for heavy vehicles in an area where they’re prohibited, and why was the driver not being more careful on a street with a cycle path?